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​Every single day, AARP Foundation’s volunteers fuel our work in communities across the country. Without the millions who donate their time, skills, and passion, we wouldn’t have enough capacity to help struggling older adults transform their lives. 
We love our volunteer corps, and we’d be thrilled to add you to their ranks. Whether you help older adults with low income file their taxes or tutor underserved children to read at grade level so they can avoid poverty later in life, you’ll be making a vital contribution to your community — and you’ll experience the great feeling that comes from helping others.
Find AARP Foundation volunteer opportunities near you.
“I get a sense of enjoyment of being able to sit down and helping them read better. It’s a great feeling when you start and they can hardly pronounce a word, and when you get done and they’re actually reading books.” — Jordan Wexler, Experience Corps volunteer tutor 
“We have people who burst into tears when they find that they get a refund." — Janelle Riedl, Tax-Aide volunteer tax preparer 
“It’s a great way to continue serving people. It feels good to help.” — John Bolton, Property Tax-Aide volunteer tax preparer